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Thread: Calling all California Performance boats

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    Hey guys, I thinks it time that we forum our own regatta. There seems to be more and more CP's showing up now days and I think it would be great to get together and talk about what works and why it works. Since most of the CP are performance driven, I would love to see the first gathering of this type. If there is a large response I will talk to Bill Scotten (owner of cp) about shirts.
    This does not need to be a big formal type thing, maybe meet down at Big River RV camp for the day.
    Let me know what you guys think about this?

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    What's a CP? I'm having a little "get together" in Parker this weekend for all the guys that post in the ***boat forums. If you check under Hot Boats/Hot Spots and look under the Operation 6 Coolers, you can read all the details. I must warn you though it's a pretty long thread.

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    Hey, I've got a 19' CP Gullwing, and would love to attend, especially if you want to have the Regatta in Indiana. (LOL)

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    Sounds like a good idea. I will try to make it if it's within a day's pull from Texas!

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    RD, Thanks for the invite, I have been following the thread and it sounds like a good time. You can count me in. Is everyone going to the Ultra regatta first or can I just put the boat in and motor over to the keys (and yes I know no sausage party).
    Did you guys pull off getting the t-shirts done in time?
    cp = California Performance gull wing jet: mine is an 18' light weight (340 pounds) BBC,nothing but fun , just it does not like the water up on park strip.

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    Everyone should be showing up around 7:00pm. This gives everyone a chance to go get some food etc... I don't know if it's going to be going till the "weee hours in the morning" or not it kinda depends on the scene. However you don't have to go to the regatta to come on over and have a beer! Just swing by around 7.

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    Thanks RD, I see you around 7:00pm

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    Well I guess there are fewer CP than I thought. It will be just TX19, Jettmug and myself. Whats up with the CP group away.
    Jettmug - I would guess that Indiana does not have a larger jet boat community, am I wrong?
    TX19 - Was CP copied from Texas Tunnel or the othyer way around?

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    the first gull wing was a earl smith gullwing aroung 1975

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    Then did everyone make a plug from him?

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