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Thread: Ever see an adult-sized go-kart? Maybe the fastest car you can drive

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    This video will take while to download (it's long - give it time). It's worth it IF you want to see the fastest car you can drive in a straight line or around the curves.
    Finally, an "ATV for the street" - a "street go-kart" - amazing! (Yes, it's better than a crotch rocket).
    Click here and wait on the download (

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    That thing is bad a$$................

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    Ok, I lost my sound, bummer, but I did watch it. wow!
    So tell me how fast did he get that thing going?
    Did you catch the facial expressions. lol
    Is that thing street legal here in the US?
    All I can say is WOW!

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    Kim Hanson
    I know i would be dead in that thing..............( . )( . )...........

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    looks like a good time to me.....

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    I will take two.

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    I don't stereo.....that is kinda a deal breaker. LOL
    Like I need a car like that after getting radared at 125 in my Porsche. :devil:

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    spectras only
    Seen that limey on the tv with this car a few months ago. I don't think the car will ever make it to north america though. I personally would take a us made Panoz with the cobra engine . Friends of mine have a 1968 Lotus super 7 and a Lotus Caterham [kit] with the 2000R DOHC Toyota engine .Love driving those in the switchbacks up country. I'll take a video of my friend's 1929 Austin 7 s/c Brooklyn racer this summer, if you guys are interested :idea:

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