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Thread: Car takes out spectator

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    Why do people stand close to the road at ralley races?
    Look out! (

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    Phat Matt

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    Ok, OUCH! does not even cover it.
    Those races are dangerous anywhere you stand.

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    Looks like he got a good picture tho..... did you notice his legs in the slow motion shot going backwards busting? Thats going to leave a mark!

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    remind my of seadooers that stop in front of flatbottoms and expect 5 feet to be good enough to negotiate their stupidity,what the hell was he doing in the road.
    that big-boys site is great, you seen the one with the mustang that the cops couldnt pit. the man kept going and going.:devil:

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    Those races are dangerous anywhere you stand.
    As a rally racer and volunteer course worker, I have to disagree. 99% of the incidents happen due to dumb@ss moves by spectators like the guy in the video - standing in the road, on a blind corner, just to get a little closer to the action???? "Dude, I'm so close I can almost touch the cars!" Gotta love Darwinism in action.

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    maybe i wrote this wrong but i meant that people expect the action to go around them so justin my point was the same as yours and agree i bet the driver kept going and finished the race

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