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Thread: prop spam!

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    got 4 props to get rid of. all are RH reasonable offer refused.
    1)bravo style 3blade 23" bronson hill- perfect condition
    2) " 3blade 20"(i think-the only mark on it is tiny and says "M20")
    3 tiny vent holes-5/16"excellent condition
    3)bravo 4blade 22" this prop has been cut down a quarter inch(i believe it was at bronson hill ) and has a tiny nick in one of the blades it was also ballanced when cut/re done and still spins ballanced. needs a good buffing too
    4) merc revolution4 ,4 blade 21" vented. a great prop for a 21' bow rider.-wake that 350's midrange up! excellent condition.
    there you have it, take your pick. i need gas money(and insurance! ) :mix:
    714-903-3616 leave a msg.

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    Raisin Wake
    Any pics of the 4 blade revolution? Is it labbed? What kind of hub?

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    not labbed. standard vented bravo hub(fat kind).

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    i used i think for for about three hours. it made my boat's rear sit down to far in the was new.

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    Raisin Wake
    not labbed. standard vented bravo hub(fat kind).
    Flo Torque Hub????

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2009
    i will take all four.wait a minute they are to small sorry jas

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    smart ass

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    Doesn't a kitten die everytime there is spam with no pictures???

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    flo troque? beats me ,Bro. i could take a pic and post it if you really interested. does mentone still have it's own yaght club?

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