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Thread: flywheel bolts?

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    I got some 7/16 x 1 1/2" grade 8, fine thread bolts to attach the driveshaft to the flywheel, but the heads are too big for the counter-sunk holes in the flange.
    Do I have to get allan head bolts for this damn thing or is there something I'm not seeing?
    Getting close to putting the boat in the water, I hate stupid hangups like this!

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    Yes, you will need allen head bolts. Should be able to get them at a good hardware store. If you can't find them, I'm sure that any of the boat shops have them( CP Performance, Rex Marine, etc......)

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    Grade 8 Allens with antisieze.........

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    alens are needed i noticed you are in hawaii if you cant get em locally i have a huge hardware store down the street from me. i can go get what you need and ship it to ya if that would help. :hammerhea

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    Yep allen heads only, I needed a couple and had a hard time finding the right length had to cut them to the length I needed. Picked them up at a bolt supply house, hardware stores did not have the right thread pitch, but then I'm in Tucson which is alot like being on an island

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    Imo, I Would Use 12 Points.

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    Imo, I Would Use 12 Points.
    I second that.

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    I'm not sure a 12 point will fit the bolt recesses in the flange either.

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    I'm not sure a 12 point will fit the bolt recesses in the flange either.
    It's what mine came with.

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    sanger rat
    12 points here too. ARP will have them.

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