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Thread: Older Pontoon For Sale!!!

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    If Anyone Is Interested In A Crest II Pontoon Boat E-Mail Me At, It Runs Awesome, Pontoons Are In Great Shape (no leaks/dings/dents) Top In Good Shape, We Just Use Lawn Chairs On it, Trailer In Good Shape. Asking 2,000.00, Needs A Good Cleaning, Floor In Great Shape, no soft spots. Located At Nacimiento.
    This weekend only (6-24/26-05) 1,500

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    Speedin' Ian
    You've got mail

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    Pics will help it sell a lot faster. If you need to, email them to me at

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    Can you post the photos???

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    found a pic of it, not the best and will post later today!

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    This is really a crappy pic, i dont have a scanner so had to take a pic of a picture, anyways it was taken 1 year ago and as stated there are now no seats except the drivers, at least its an idea.

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    great deal people, need to sell!!!

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    whats it have for a motor, fuel tank(s) size-?

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    I Feel the Need...
    Do you have trailer with?

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    how big is it?

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