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Thread: Saturday Night Dinner

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    Wet Dream
    I just want to know if this is going to be ok with everyone. Friday night usually is a potluck night also, but the Saturday night dinner is the one we try to plan for. This year, although it is Hawaiian themed, getting a pig in the ground aint happening. So we're doing a spaghetti dinner. Dan and Janet (JNM or Big Daddy) is making 3 gallons of home made sauce and I am doing 3 gallons of meat sauce, and Pam and John (Tugboat) is doing a killer shrimp alfredo. Is this going to cool with everyone? Rat is helping with salad, and someone for bread and stuff? We're trying to keep it fairly simple and next year we are having it catered. Will this work or do people not like the idea?

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    NO I'm not flying 5 hours for some spaghetti dinner. Hook A brother up with some good food

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    i will have two 16 lb birds to cook also for the meat lovers :eat:

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    That will be Great. Please PM me your phone number!!

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    Well does anybody need anything from Texas

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    Wet Dream
    Bring your private reserve.

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    Wet Dream
    Bomber, if you're flying up here, you tell me what you want and we'll take care of it.

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    Well does anybody need anything from Texas
    Fogo De Chao!!! You know Churrascaria, the Gaucho way of preparing meat! :sqeyes:

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    sound great! we will bring lots of drinks.

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