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Thread: Anyone run the 291 BBC head?

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    I've got a pair on my daycruiser. I know they are closed chamber rectangular port heads. Anyone have experience with these? They work great so far and I like em.
    Heres the MORTEC description
    3964291....69-70...rect..CLOSED..396, 402, 427, 454, 109cc chamber
    Large or small hex spark
    plugs used

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    Many moons ago I used a set of those on a 396 in my ElCamino, they worked good I could smoke the tires all the way into high gear with no effort!..

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    Jet City
    Well they were standard issue on the 1970 LS-6, so ya, they make decent power. I run them on my 427, if your 291's are unmolested they are worth a few bucks to the original muscle car crowd, these came on L-78, L-71, L-72 and LS-6's in '69 & '70 as you mentioned. My plan is to sell mine and replace them with some form of an open chamber head.

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    had them on my 69 chevelle ss and loved them. work great and better with 1.88 exh valves.

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    Great! Thanks guys. I have experience with 990 and 188 heads but wasn't sure about these. They do very well on the motor.

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