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    Dimarco or Canyon?? Did Dimarco not sell it's molds to Canyon in the early 80's. So does that make Canyons just worked over Dimarcos?? Anyways I was going through my stacks of old ***boat, Boat & engine, Dragboat news....ect. I came across this Canyon add from a 1986 ***boat.
    This was the boat in question (http://www2.***, a 1982 Dimarco built for Don Ermshar latter ran in the Canyon Marine adds??

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    Looks like the other picture is Dago Red! Cool add.

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    :idea: HHHUUUMMMM
    Wow thats a good question. To my understanding when Hondo Boats closed there doors, Wayne Metler carried on the blood line and renamed it as Canyon Boats. Now the way I believe things evolved or have been told... Was that Dimarco "BUILT" by Wayne "Canyon" and had a "SPLIT" personality so to speak??? Thinking about the paper trail that followed "RACE BOATS" back then??? Lots of hulls were built and never titled. SO this puts a twist on your question. I dont know if im going anywhere with this but???? Mike :messedup:

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    I was told that when peggy was having difficulty's with Hondo boats $$$ She was going to team up with Jack davidson and build boats?? From there peggy sent all the molds to Sanger where Jack stored them for quite some time than the stabergs ended up with them 3D boats... But sure does seem like lots of people have the Hondo molds?? :notam:

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    Flyte I am with you on this one. If I have it corrrect Dean at 3D boats has the true Hondo molds.

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