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Thread: How much does insurance typically run on a 28'-30'?

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    Just wondering what the average (if there is such a thing) one pays for insurance on a 28' to 30' boat? I assume value plays into it so for comparison I'm looking for advice from owners of roughly $80,000 boats, single motor of less than 500HP.
    Also, is there a consensus on any insurance company that's the best to use or does it simply pay to use your auto/home insurance provider?

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    2004, 28ft Conquest Top Cat II with 496HO is $760 year through State Farm.

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    So you know the cut off point for many companies is 26' and 70 MPH. Many write larger boats, but speed above 80 MPH and HP over 500 increases the cost of the policy. You may want the check with Progressive and if not ACE or Old United Insurance.

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    Try Progressive's site on, they have an interactive quote system that will tell you with whatever you input.

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    05 Magic Deck...300 agg, agreed value....$940 year with State Farm. It was comical getting quotes for a 28' deckboat out here. They all asked "does it go more than 45MPH?" I'm like...uh..ya. Really...Wow... It was too funny.

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    If it's a cat, $2500+

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    as long as your stinking to less than 500hp you have plenty of choices...I like progressive the best...I use to pay 1100 300liability...agreed value.
    you could do some homework and find it cheaper....If your worried about the cost of insurance...DEFINITLY stay under 500hp!

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    Steamin' Rice
    MY 29 shockwave with an HP500EFI was about $950 per year with State Farm.. New 34 Shockwave with 525EFI's is almost $4k per year with ACE.. ouch :sqeyes:

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    Panic Button
    Cigarette Cafe with twin 502's $1100/yr, State Farm, but I think they screwed up as they classified it as a "Cruiser"

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    Panic Button
    28' HEAT WITH 500HP,full coverage 590$ a year :wink: state farm
    You made out, 2 drives at over $7k each, no wonder my rate was double...

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