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Thread: i need some help with tuning

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    i took my boat out and ran it a bit today, tried to take it easy for the most part. but i got on it once for a bit and my headers got red hot! it was dusk so it was more obvious but they did get hot! im not running water either so that doesnt help. doesnt this indicate that my timing is retarded? i went up 5 steps on the jets and im pretty sure its rich. my timing pointer broke off and i dont have a clue where to get a new one, cause it bolts on to the motor mount plate.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    You must find top dead center and fabicate a new pointer. I've even cut the head off a timing cover bolt and ground it to a point and installed a jam nut. You can't guess about timing, it's important. Budlight

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    what about valve adjustment? in what way would that affect this?

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Valve timing has no effect on dist timing. one is electrical and the other is mechanical Budlight

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    yes, i understand that let me re word my question. would the valve adjustment have any affect on my headers glowing?

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    Wicked Performance Boats

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    Jake W2
    If you are not running water through them they get dam hot how far up were they glowing?

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    not past the bend right out of the heads. the part i dont get is why a couple were glowing a lot more than others. I have my water lines now, i just need to plumb them in.

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    no worries brA

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    ok, im not so worried now. but my headers are too close to the paint to do that!

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