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    I am a jet boat rookie and I am interested in upgrading my Berkeley JF pump to something with a split bowl. Unless i'm mistaken there doesn't seem to be very much room for modification or aftermarket parts on the JF pump. What should I look for? Do I need to replace the entire unit or just from the bowl back? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I gotta run to work, but I thought I'd throw up a pic for ya before i left.. I just did just what you want to do. Still have to relocate the steering and reroute my cables, but thats all you really have to do, besides buying all new stuff...

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    Do you mean JE pump?

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    no, by looking at the intake it seems to be an "F" pump. which what im told is that the intake is actually its downfall. maybe some others on here that have tried to get more performance from an "F" pump can chime in here....MIKE!!!!!!
    if all your looking to do is by swapping the bowls to allow the use of a droop, wedge, ect. then id say go for it. find a "G" bowl and have it all freshened up.

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    Whats the difference between and E and F pump? How can you tell thats an F and not an E?

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    The 'e' and 'f' pumps are essentially the same except the 'f' had a funky jet-o-vater type trim device.
    See here
    And here
    Good luck.

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    Bigblockbaja did you have to buy all new control cables? Does anyone know where I could find a "G" bowl?

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    Taylorman, what Mohavekid said is pretty much what I've been told also. To really get technical, you can tell an E bowl from an F in that the F bowl is completely smooth around the pin holes, to accmodate the "trim nozzle" sealing when it moves all the way up/dwn. And the E bowl has a sunken spot in this area, kinda like horseshoe shape, since the E nozzle only pivots side to side. I filled mine in with epoxy before adding the gimble ring and trim nozzle to my E bowl. Both housings are "insert pumps", so not much difference there.
    Kona, you could use your F nozzle with the split bowl and nozzle adapter, but no dropp. Or, Place Diverter makes a nozzle for the E/F pump that would let you keep your existing control cables.
    But, if you're going to use a different diverter, or a droop, you will have to relocate the control cables up over the top. This would call for longer cables if you can't get yours to route, and possibly filling in your existing cable passage holes if you wanted to move them higher up. On the bright side, you don't have to worry about replacing any more bellow boots

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