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Thread: Worst Injury

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    knocked my front 4 teeth out water skiing. Whats yours?

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    cracked 2 ribs when i broke a rope and caught the 1st wake w/ my ribs :supp: :hammer2:
    It hurt to laugh for almost a month, but i was skiing 2 days later

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    The worst was a dislocated/seperated shoulder that required surgery. Next worst was some stitches in my forehead/scalp from a ski tip. Used to ski a lot, never got that great, was more into how fast I could ski. Loved speed.

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    knocked out once when I fell and hit a log with my head.
    broken ear drum from falling riding my skurfer....... (that just dated me..)
    --numerous torn-off caliusus-sp? my hands were torn up the entire summer
    from skiing.......... I like those kind of war wounds though...

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    Broken shin bone when a friend's ski rope broke while I was skiing behind his boat. Happened the first day of my 2 week vacation. After visiting my doctor the day after this occured, I visited him at his shop to hand deliver him a new ski rope of the highest quality, replacing a cheap rope he had. He was suprised I bought him a replacement rope and such an expensive one at that! He never asked me how my leg was. It was purple from upper shin to my ankle. I never skiied behind his boat again. We're still friends though. - Wavemaker

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    Broken jaw. Dead mans float. Lucky to be alive. :chi:

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    a 45 mph enima! lol

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    :hammer2: (knocking on wood)

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    I tore my mcl the first trip out wakeboarding with my new tower. We were on our way to lake powell for 10 days and stopped off at mohave to meet friends 'on the way.' I was riding the following week only because the water was so smooth.

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    in the forehead from a wakeboard while trying to do backflips in shallow water at Kings River.
    A buddy got an expensive airplane ride from Parker to Phoenix when he cracked his skull with the back of his ski taking a digger on a cut. When he threw up at breakfast after the fall we thought there may be a problem...

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