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Thread: thinking delta tommorow?

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    i've got the green light form the wife to go so i headed out to orwood on sun for a little cruise let me know ill be there around 10. might just hit a little beach and let the kid play for awhile.let me know.

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    We will be out on the delta tomorrow. Gonna meet Boatmaster for a while. Probably be around Riverboat at 11am ish. All white DCB Mach 26.

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    ill be down around disco bay, union pointlet me know if youll be down in those areas.i run a silver and black hallett mini cruiser.

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    I plan on launching about 10:00 at Orwood and heading to lunch at either Sugar Bardge or River Boat ay some point.

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    whats up rat ill try to see if i can get ther that early depends on the wife and kid.if not look for me at suiside beach north off union point.

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    My plans are not set in stone, what time do you think you will make it out I might launch a little later

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    it should be around 10 1030 im far is sugar barge or riverboat?

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    its about a 40 or 45 minute ride if I go slow enough to have enough gas to get back with out stoping to refill

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    i guess well see you in the morninig

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    See ya in the morning

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