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Thread: Only Two More Weeks - Until...

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    Hallett Regatta & Poker Run! Ought to be between 300 & 400 boats, 1500 & 2000 happy boaters. Every boats gets a photo shot from the helicopter. Food, beer, wine and coctails and of course In 'n Out at the park after the run, lots of goodies donated by many sponsors. Has got to be the most generous Regatta by ANY manufacturer. Nick pays for everything except the gas (and we're working on that). My personal favorite activity - the water park.
    Remember, its a Poker Run, not a race...

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    Where is it at?

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    Isn't it the same weekend as the Sleek/Magic run?

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    little rowe boat
    I believe Hallett has their regatta at Lake Mead,Not every year,every other year.From what I have heard they do it up the right way.

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    Liquid Life
    Burtandnancy We are planning to make it out to the regatta, this would be our first time. Had a few questions, sent you an email but not sure if you recieved it.

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    Liquid Life, no can't find any message, so ask away here if you like. Our e-mail address is
    By the way, I think Nick has hired Neal Diamond and Willie Nelson again this year for the live entertainment. Was that your question?

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    Isn't it the same weekend as the Sleek/Magic run?

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    I've been to 2 Hallett regattas and they are really nice, but Neil Diamond........
    Good thing the boat isn't done, I'll stay with my boat in Havasu.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    We went to one and they are very generous hosts. All you could eat dinner and drinks with a bar. However, we just can't do Mead in our old 20' SS. We got too beat up. Watching all those boats take off for the poker run is an awesome experience. Have a great time.

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    Magic 34, guess you're too young for Neal Diamond. Probably won't like Willey Nelson either will you? Heard the door prizes are out of sight, new things coming up daily...

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