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Thread: Spam: Roger's Turning Fin

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    Does anyone want an original turning fin off of a 1980 Roger's 19' TR? It's in excellent condition with only one minor ding on the leading edge.
    Larger pic (http://www2.***
    Larger pic (http://www2.***
    PM if interested.

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    1978 Rogers
    I have a 78, wheres this go, Part way up the keel?

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    I have a 78, wheres this go, Part way up the keel?
    It was mounted in front of the motor, just behind the floor bulkhead. The rectangle plate you see in this pic is the top:

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    thats exactly were mine is mounted aswell.

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    1978 Rogers
    Why did you take it out? It must help keep the stern from sliding while pulling a skier.

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    It definately made a difference in the handling. The boat was capable of literally turning on a dime with the fin installed. I removed it for a couple of reasons. First, I don't pull skiers very often. Also, it made the boat very reactive. With the speeds I'm working to attain, I don't need the boat doing anything funny at WOT(especially since I almost always have passengers!). I noticed that I had to keep the steering pretty steady at 80mph, so with higher speeds on the horizon, I thought it was a good idea to remove it.
    If nobody is interested, I'm going to put it up on ebay.

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