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Thread: Favorite Ford Recipes

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    I am looking to rebuild my 460 over the winter. What are your favorite/Most successful recipes for this engine?
    The boat is an Eliminator 20.5 sport cruiser used for skiing about 4 days a week, and for hotrodding one night a week (Thursdays)
    The pump is a Berk JG with a Place diverter and an A/B cut Aggressor Imp. (Rebuilt by me last week.)
    The engine has Dove (CE?) heads, a Torker intake a Holley 4150 750cfm and Log manifolds. (Due to space limitations caused by interior layout the logs have to stay)

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    I was really hoping that I would get a couple of suggestions on Cam choice, compression ratio, intake manifold preferences and favorite heads etc.

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    I just recently rebuilt mine, and it turned out good, starting from the ground up, MAC windage tray, melling high flow oil pump, new clevite bearings, stock rods and pistons, speed-pro rings with .08 gap, decked the block so the pistons sit flat with the top of the block, debured the block and painted the inside with high temp rustoleum for better oil drainage as well as the inside of the heads, isky cam (don't know the specs) motorsport timing chain and gear(imperative), isky lifters and pushrods(lifters already croaked) double valvesprings, rebuilt heads(planing on a world famous Ben Alameda port and polish this winter), Weiand stealth intake and edelbrock carb(in dire need of tuning) msd blaster and msd marine ignition box,taylor wires and ngk platnum plugs and changed the distibutor from points to electic pickup....phewww, and I think that is it, it turns 4400-4700 on what I think is an A impelar(whatever comes with a 12-JC) and is a solid 60-65 I'm sure, it will turn more once I tune the carb and port the heads and fix my damn lifter problem, and degree the cam, and add a blower and on and on and on........

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    Hey H8Monday, your gonna get alot of different opinions on this question so I will just let you know what I have in my boat. Its a 460 w/ D0VE C heads (actually I have 1 D0 and 1 C9 but they are the same) CompCams roler tip rockers, Edelbrock Victor 460 intake, Holly 4150 dp/ms, Erson JB100 (JB is there jetboat series) .545 lift intake and exaust 296' dur intake and 306 exaust, and I believe lobe sep is at 114 degrees. Im running Kieth Black Hypereutectic dish tops (cheap pistons but I had em), my rods have been polished and shot peened w/ ARP bolts and its balanced. I have log style manifolds and a tight jacuzzi pump (dont knw impellor size) and it turns 4800 rpm at 65 mph. Look at my post under Challenger History for more info on my boat. Good luck

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    Fryzll must have gone to the "Going Out of Business Sale" at Super Shops. Erson cams are garbage. Unless you only expect to get about 2 years out of it. I didn`t know anyone would admit to using roller tip rockers anymore. You get 0 (zero) performance gain out of a standard roller tip rocker. I don`t even think anyone makes them anymore. The friction is so miniscule at the tip. All of the friction is in the fulcrum, hence the high yield of performance gained from a roller rocker. I used a roller drop in from Crane designed for the BB Ford. It uses the stock rocker. It`s not a true roller, but unquestionably better than stock and its cheap. Went with an RPM performer, Stealth would be a better choice. I am impressed fryzll with the rod work and a balancing job. Can`t ever over build your bottom end no matter if you are even using 2 different heads.

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    I run the 429 in mine performer rpm but going to a victor jr. 11.5-1 comp dove heads.750 holley,560 lift cam going to go bigger,With this set up i'll turn an a impeller around 5k pump is in good shape.motor is apart right now should be done this month(re ringing)after a dropped valve.

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    This is first BB Ford for me. Everyone says go with Dove heads. Thank goodness my motor had `em.

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    Hey roos, you and alot of other people miss out on one of the benefits of roller tips on rocker arms.
    Valve guide wear.
    The rocker tips travels ACROSS the end of the valve stem, reducing friction at the tip of the valve stem, and along the length of the valve stem INSIDE the guide since it isn't being pushed against one side of the guide or the other.

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    ok jroos, before you start baggin on other peoples stuff, stop and think. if you are SOOO smart then how can you use crane drop in rollers on a D0VE head when they are for the later model positive stop heads, HMMMM, I have a set of those conversions laying around. I think you should probably build a couple Fords before you start baggin on other peoples goodies because its a whole different ballgame w/ a Ford. I had the majority of the parts lyin around because guess what, I have built quite a few 460's. As for the Performer manifold they do work good IN A TRUCK. And just to let you know, there was no power gains on those drop in rockers on the dyno, we put em on a 460 w/ a counter ground crank using 440 rods, yes Chrysler rods which came out to be around 498 ci. And there is no difference in the 2 heads (C9 and D0) , you just have too cc the combustion chamber. I know you meant well but dont talk like you know everything Mr. this is my first BB Ford. No harm done. Oppinions are like assholes, everybody has one http://free.*** .
    [This message has been edited by fryzll (edited September 08, 2001).]

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    Guess i missed it. Along with all the manufacturers that quit making them and damn sure quit advertising them! But, if they work for you and you`re happy with them, then I feel that you got your moneys worth. Valve guide wear vs. what the damn roller tips were supposedly designed for and sold as (friction reducer/free hp) was a crock. They cost about the same as Crane`s low buck true rollers. And they even have the roller tip!

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