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Thread: *Spam* '84 Eliminator V-Drive

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    Lake Ape
    I went to look at this boat this morning and thought I would try to help the guy out.
    '84 Eliminator V-Drive (
    The guy selling it is Steve Roberts of Primo Customs if that means anything to any of you. His number is (602) 996-1133.
    http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.***
    Fullsize Pictures (http://www2.***

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    Clean piece!.

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    Brian Ray
    The deck looks like mine....which is a '75.

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    Lake Ape
    Yup, looks older than an '84 to me also, but what do I know. He said it's a Campbell mold bought by eliminator. I have never heard of this but like I said before, what do I know? A lot of glass work has been done to that boat. The rub rail has been deleted too.

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    Brian Ray
    Yeah, I noticed the lack of rub rails too....I wonder whats the deal with two eye hooks up front?? Is that a light on the back of the boat just above the swim steps? I would assume with the amount of glass work done the HIN's are gone....

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    My dads is a 79 and the deck is completely different, it is nice and flat, like most newer 21s you would see.

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    The deck looks like mine....which is a '75.
    Your right it is just like our hulls.

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    Lake Ape
    The damn trailer was really impressive, he filled and smoothed the entire trailer.

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    Lake Ape

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    Ex PSI Canyon
    I looked at his boat 3 weeks ago before I found the boat I currently own. For those of you in the know it needs a lot of work. Nice guy though. I thought it would be a good idea to alert somoene that might make the trip to know some things about that boat, the guy does'nt know alot about v-drives. If your interested Itcontact me I'll be happy to fill you in on what I found. It's located in Phx.

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