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Thread: How to fix pump housing cracks--

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    I have a spare Berkeley pump that was rebuilt a couple of years ago and works fine, but I recently noticed that there is a hairline crack across one of the bolt holes in the middle on the right hand side where the pump mounts to the intake. The hairling runs throught the middle of the bolt hole and then up the housing about an inch. What could have caused this and can it be fixed? If it can be fixed what is the process for doing so?

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    hey deputy,i did the same thing awhile back,i caused it from using an impact,cost me 80.00 to get it welded,also screwed up 3 of the bolt holes on the bowl from using an impact, just a little fuel for thought.

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    I don't know how this cracked but I suspect someone cranked down on it too hard. What was the welding process used to fix yours greg?

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    hey deputy ,sorry it took so long to reply,having ny housing welded worked fine,but you need to find someone with a hi freq machine ,a mig will more than likely warp it,had mine done,re drilled the hole and away it goes, and still going fine,even the new owner has been running it DAILY with no problems.

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    your going to have to find a good (real good) welder with a TIG. the intake is cast alumn.. which is pretty hard to weld at least it's pretty hard to make a good, strong, lasting weld. but it can be done

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    aww hell, i read the post wrong,the process was very simple ,a local welder
    cleaned the crack with a stainless brush,inside and out,(can not have any corrosion in the weld area or when you heat it up you will pull the corrosion into the aluminum and the weld will not stick)fired up the old tigwave 2000,welded it up on the intake side ,i redrilled the hole and put her back together.

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