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Thread: Spam..BB Chev top end package deal

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    OK, guys, here it is. The complete top end, including cam and lifters off my 467. Here's the breakdown:
    GM Rect port 990 iron heads, open chambers @ 118cc's.
    Manley 2.25/1.88 Pro Flow valves., never ground.
    Isky 8005A dual w/ dampner flat tappet springs inst. @ 125#
    7* Ti retainers, and Comp keepers.
    ARP screw in studs.
    GM guide plates indexed to guides.
    Moroso stud girdle
    Heads are moderately ported including bowl and chamber work, and chambers equalized. Valve job was done at Alan Johnson.
    Oil flow back passages polished, and all casting marks removes and blended. This is a set of very nice, professionally done cast iron heads. They will be disasembled, inspected, cleaned, and reassembled. Total time on them is less than 10 hrs. These heads have only been valve jobbed once, so no sunk valves, no seat inserts, no damage.
    Weiand Super Pro Ram tunnel ram, polished, port matched to the above heads, and blended and cartridge rolled in the plenum. One slight crack by thermostat hsg on outside of bolt hole, but not an issue. Otherwise in excellent cond.
    Matched pair... Holley 4780 800 DP's with choke horns removed. Other than that, no mods, completely stock internally. Will disassemble, clean, and re kit with Holley kits. Carbs are in excellent condition, and will be mounted sideways. Fuel system includes -8 braided lines and distribution block. Linkage is included, along with custom hand made billet cable bracket. You're getting some of my best stuff!
    Camshaft...Racer Brown solid flat tappet .600 lift, 264@ .05". This cam was designed by Bob Johneck of Santa Barbara and is an excellenet jet boat cam. Lifters are Comp Cams solids, and are kept in order. I may include pushrods if I have to get new ones. I'll know when I get my new heads back. You're going to have to get your own rockers. Sorry.
    So, there you have it. Complete package, ready to run. This combination on my 467 with 12:1 made 650+ hp, and worked very well. Cam has a very rough idle, and would love to run in a flat as well, with good power up to 7000+.
    All good parts, very low time, never abused or hurt.
    Total package...$2500 plus shipping.
    Willing to separate

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    you got mail

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    still for sale?

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    still for sale?
    Yep. :wink:

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    Looks like you're missing a fastner in your stud girdle?
    Hmmn "stud girdle" do ya think that would qualify as an oxymoron?

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    Dan. if you look at the other pic you will notice that the one fastener is inserted from the other side. same as the intake stud girdle. one fastener is inserted from the opposite dirrection on each. dont scare the poor the guy now.

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    Looks like you're missing a fastner in your stud girdle?
    Hmmn "stud girdle" do ya think that would qualify as an oxymoron?
    Oxymoron...stud girdle...LMAO!! Never thought of that one, Dan.
    Victor's right, though. The bolts on the ends come from opposite directions. I have no idea why...just the way they came. These originally had hex bolts, but I counter-bored them and installed allens to clear the inside of the valve covers. Regardless, that's a good eye Dan, Thanks for the warning. Ya never know!!!

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    bump :coffeycup

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