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Thread: BBF oil pressure??

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    I've got a 429 ford in my hydro, and have just put on a tunnel ram and tweaked the carbs. I took it out today (second time since I've had the boat), and noticed the the oil pressure when cold gets up into the 60's.. when we were out on the water with it warmed up (oil temp of 180 or so), it would give 40 or so at idle or slightly above. When I got on it, and up to 4500 to 5500, it would drop to almost 30. I'm a bit concerned. The pump is almost new. There is a possibility that some blowby gasoline got in the oil with a carb gasket issue that dumped tons of fuel in the front 2 cylinders. It seems to run ok, other than minor carb tuning issues with going to a tunnel ram from a dual plane. I would think that any of the gas in the oil should have burned off.. we were out tooling around for an hour or two. I'm thinking I'll just replace the oil and filter and see what happens. Any thoughts? What oil weight are you guys running? What pressure do you see?

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Well, after a 62 mile run, from Katherine's Landing to Hoover Dam, I started with 70 psi and ended at idle with 69 psi. I am running Valvoline Racing (not VR1 Racing) part number VV851 sold at Napa only. It is 20/50 and seems to hold up well. BTW, the engine is a 466, 10/20 cut crank. It seems that alignhoning and quality Federal Mogel race bearings make this possible. I would change the oil and filter, what gas does to the oil, the oil will not recover. Get it out before you destroy the engine. Gas is not like water, water will burn off over time, gas does not.

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    I ran a BBf in my old Hondo. I ran straight 40w, during a long run @ 6k the presure would begin to fall. I changed to 50w, took care of the presure drop.
    If your presure drops right away something else is wrong. If it slowly drops as the run goes on, I would think about going to a heavier weight. You may want to think about your main clearances before you do.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I have the receipt for the engine work that was done just before I got the boat. It has a high volume oil pump, and kendal 20/50 oil. Would it make sense to go to a straight 40 or 50 weight? It just seems way to heavy compared to my car experience.

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    If your oil pessure is dropping with RPM, it sounds like you have oil pan/pick up issues. I'd start looking there.

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    You said, " would give 40 or so at idle or slightly above. When I got on it, and up to 4500 to 5500, it would drop to almost 30."
    Do you mean to say that during hard acceleration, your pressure drops to 30 psi as you floor the gas pedal? In other words, is the pressure drop during the initial hard acceleration only?
    How does the oil pressure gage read as speed levels off?
    What about light acceration?
    What happens during deceleration?
    What about sitting at idle, out of gear, and you mash the pedal for a brief 4500 rpm...does oil pressure drop then?

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    I ran a BBf in my old Hondo...
    Morg, you had a Ford?
    You should see some of the stuff I'm selling over'd appreciate the stuff even if you don't run a Ford anymore. I just got back from LA where I picked up our pilot run of timing covers (for example) that allow for cam timing changes without removing the front cover...details to follow...

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    Hey Paul,
    The issue doesn't seem to be a pickup related issue(unless it's too close to the bottom of the pan) in that the pressure seemed to drop off with rpm, not necessarily acceleration.. 40 or so at 2 grand, 32 or so at 3500 and above. I have to say that I didn't pay a lot of attention on deceleration. I'm kicking myself for not paying attention to the oil pressure last time, other than noting that I had some. In troubleshooting the carb issue, the front 2 cylinders were running extremely wet for 30 inutes or so.. wet foul and then some. I think my oil is toast. I think it was upwards of 60 psi cold. The interesting thing to me is that even if the oil is thinner than it should be because of the possible gas contamination, why would the pressure decrease with rpm? :idea:

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    Well, I'm not running a ford, but, my freshly upgraded Chevy 454 runs about 45 at idle cold, about 55 at a fast idle arround 2,000. When hot, I'm still idling 25psi. I've got a stock sized crank, Clevite 77 bearings, and am running Castrol Syntech 5w-50 synthetic. Just changed the break-in crankcase full and will see what it runs without all the Molly additives in the oil from the start-up lubes and cam break-in lube.

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    Yes my old Hondo ran a 460 w/ 429 pedestal heads. 10.5:1 comp. Hydraulic cam. Offy tunnel ran & dual 750's.
    It pushed the heavy circle runner hondo to 85 mph. Great running motor. Paul at GT boats still does the maintence on the boat. Heard its still running strong.
    I was real close to hopping the Ford up with a stroker kit & roller cam. With the added power I would have then needed to move the v-drive & motor. I decided to sell it & build the revenge.
    Sorry for the highjack. I think the awnser to the oiling problem is within one of Lakes questions.

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