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Thread: Poll:Used boats

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    If it was what you wanted and the price was what you wanted? how many of you would purchase a used boat, im curious cause a i have a couple friends that won't buy used anything not cause there big ballers or anything they just feel it's safer, i guess to buy new!!!

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    H20 Toie
    i just bought a used boat even though it was more than a lot of other boats cost new.

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    Hell No

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    Hell No
    Dont listen to big baller guy here Hey buy what YOU want

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    If you are discriminating, and patient, there are some great deals out there. You just can't compromise on what you want.
    You can save a ton on purhase price buying used vs. new, and then save on the tax end too.
    I was able to buy a lot more boat buying used, than new.

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    I bought a used 02 with little hours on it that I thought was in perfect running condition until I took it to the lake and it ran like shit. To make a long story short we yanked the motor, replaced the heads (under warranty luckily) and had the boat running great in about a week. I now know why I got a great deal on but if I was to do it again I would take it to a boat shop and lake test it.
    I would still buy another used boat, lots of $$ to be saved.

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    A lot of the boats I like they dont build any more, so my only option is used.
    But I must admit, when buying new you aren't buying someone else's problems.

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    All of my boats have been used. I've got some great deals and clean boats. Just take your time and don't feel pressured to buy. The one I have now was a one year old when I bought it and the guy took immaculate care of it. Saved money and got a clean ride.

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    I rather let somebody else take the deprecitaion hit. Very few boats are what ya call "appreciating assets"

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    My used boat was actually a gift I had wanted for decades so I can't complain about price, but I'll buy used for a seccond boat eventually.
    I feel safety issues are moot once I have checked it over systemwide and made repairs/refits as needed, maybe even better than some factory items.

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