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Thread: How long will it go?

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    Speedin' Ian
    So here's the deal... I have a pretty nice F-250, CC, LB, 4X4, lifted etc., but all it does is sit in the backyard because I only use it for towing as I have another car for commuting. So my friend, who also does my heads, bought a new dually and is selling his 96 chevy dually, the only problem is it has 198,000 miles on the original motor and trans. It is very clean with a camper shell, new tires, water pump, clutch fan, front end was just rebuilt, lowered a few inches with bags in the back. The truck drives nice, everything is in working condition and I could get it for about $4500.00.
    My question is how long wiil it last? It doesn't make sense to keep paying a monthly payment on a truck I never drive, but I also don't want to get stranded on the way to a trip. What do you guys think?

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    High mileage vehicles are fine IF you plan on a rebuild (and can do it yourself) and add that to the price you pay for it and then be able to sell it and break even. Otherwise find lower mileage. Metal fatigues.
    Always buy like you are going to sell.
    I booked a 96 Chevy dually with 200,000 miles and came up $4995.
    I then booked the same vehicle with 120,000 and only came up with $1500 difference. Doesn't look like a bargain to me.
    But that is how I do it.
    Remember...few people will buy a 200,000 mile vehicle regardless of new engine, trans, etc. So tough to sell when you want to move on. Basically you marry a high mileage vehicle when you buy it. That said....I drive a 99 Powerstroke with 233,000 miles...bought cheap due to miles and so far, so good.

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    just curious, is the 96 dually a 4X4? i am parting out my 91 GMC 4X4 dually that i had all the running gear upgraded. new front and rear end 456 gears, and i also bought a new GM factory 4L80E tranny for it that i put about 5 thousand miles on it. i was planning on keeping the truck and put a new 502 crate motor and all but then decided to buy a new deisel truck. used the 502 for the boat and the rest of the truck is getting parted out. if you need anything for that 96 alot of the parts are interchangable. if its a 4X4 that is.

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