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Thread: Hey Optima fan boys

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    Tom Brown
    I've always worried about over charging my Optimas. I know it's hard on them and once they go dry, you can't add water like a wet cell.
    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a Schumacher SE-1-12s from Walmart. It's a 1.5A automatic charger. 38 bucks CDN. I'm pretty sure you can get it for about 30 US dollars.
    I don't kill my battery down with a big stereo so I don't need a ton of charging but it charged my red top in a few hours and then shut off. Sweet. The light goes on when it's done. I just leave it plugged in.
    Even for you big stereo guys, it would charge your batteries nicely during the week. It's automatic so you don't have to worry about over charging and the voltage doesn't seem to go over 14.1 so it should be gentle on the batteries.
    - Tom

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    river chaser
    I may have to go pick one of these deals up, sounds like a great item from my suffering optima's due to big stereo playing :eat:

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    Those Schumacher (sp?) chargers work EXCELLENT in my opinion. I have the 30 amp one and it charges 2 fairly drained 6v batts quickly. I used to use the other century 12a chargers and even when it said that the batts were full I dont think they were. I get to play the stereo longer since the new charger charges more completely.
    The Wal Mart ones have a deal that anti sulfates the plates or something and a digital readout with a batt percentage and voltage reading. They also have settings for Reg batts, deep cycle and gel,agm.
    I was getting ready to buy a roll around charger for 200$ and this one is WAAAAY smaller and I think about 65$. They even have a 40 amp one now but the 30 amp charges fast enough for me.

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