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Thread: Got my 460 back

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    Got my 460 back from the machine shop.
    Preformer 750 carb
    Performer RPM intake
    Performer RPM Alum. heads 95cc ( 9 to 1 compression)
    Harland Sharp roller rocker
    3/8 hardend push rods
    All ARP bolts in the block
    Hyper coated pistons Moly rings
    Melling oil pump
    ARP pump shaft
    Cloyes roller chain 0 degree
    Comp Cam 280H 230/230 .530/.530
    New harmonic damper
    Milodon Marine oil pan
    MSD distributor
    MSD 6AL ignition
    Blaster 2 coil
    Stock rods, crank turned 10-10 balanced
    The machine shop said it should have around 450Hp. I think its closer to 500HP, the Edelbrock 460 is 500 hp and only has a little bit bigger cam. I can't wait to put it in once I'm done painting the boat and rebuilding the pump.

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    Just in time for summer, nice job.

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