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Thread: tennis elbow - tendonitis

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    anyone dealing with this?
    After many years of swinging a hammer, I've apparently developed it in my right arm. It's been just about 4 weeks now with a pretty fair amount of pain, anti-inflamatories and vicotin aren't working, rest isn't working, the arm brace isn't working which is basically keeping me from working.
    Anyone been through this with any success?

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    Time to switch to the other hand

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    then the pain will be worse from whacking my thumbs and fingers with the hammer
    worse part about it is the shooting pain when I try to pick up a cup of coffee

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    Music to my Ears
    After several cortisone shots that provided temporary relief, my wife had surgery for her tennis elbow. Totally fixed the problem. It took about 4-6 weeks for recovery. Good luck.

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    i just got diagnosed with tendonitis in my upper bicep area where it attached to my left shoulder... been hurting for 2 months or so and went to the dr on fir.. dr gave me some anti inflammatories and told me to take it easy for 2 weeks while taking the meds to see how it does....

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    Time to put downthe smut guys.

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    I had wicked 'tennis elbow' in college when playing racquetball. I could hardly use my arm once it got too bad. I put the arm band that goes around te upper forearm with a little inflated bad in it. The inflated part pushed in on the area between the two muscles on the outside of the upper forearm. Fixed the problem almost immediatly. I always use it when I play or the pain comes back after one or two days. Not sure where to get it from though, my doctor gave me a perscription for it back then.

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    sorry dog
    I'm waiting to see what Tom Brown did to fix his elbow...

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    I have one of those also but this time it's not doing a damn thng. Dr said it's not really bad enough for a cortisone shot nor surgery. I just feel like I'm in limbo with this damn thing this time. At this point, it doesn't seem to be getting worse so I really need to get back to work. Being self employed, no work, no pay.

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    I have it in my left elbow. I've had 3 Cortisone injections(that's the limit). As long as I don't really load up with work, it's OK, but, as soon as I have to lean on it(use it) it hurts, sometimes for days unfortunately. Surgery is an option if you need to use your arm everyday. I don't, so I just live with it. A can of Beer can be supported by my right arm just fine. Good luck with your outcome, whether injections or surgery.
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