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Thread: Engine Weight Question

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    I had the luxury of pulling out my motor this last weekend in havasu. Luckily my buddy has an A-Frame with an electonic wench so pulling it out and placing in my truck was a breeze. Now comes the getting the engine out of my lifted F250 and on to the engine stand.
    My question is does anyone or know of someone who bought one of the truck hoists that say up to 4000 lbs. has a version for $89 and i am thinking of using it.
    The motor is a complete pull what do you think it weighs. 540 BB Gen VI, Aluminum head. TBS Blower 250 single holley Dominator.
    I have a full 1 1/2 ton hoist (cherry picker) in havasu and had to use the second extention hole to position the motor for the travel home.
    Any help will be appreciated. I know i can rent one but that requires two trips to the rental place and at that cost it I can probably buy one.

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    Robbie Racer
    My 621" motor (Merlin Pro block) with an innercooled 1471 weighed right at 1,000 lbs if I remember correctly. My guess your motor would be in the 900 pound range.

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    Looks like a valid estimate by RR. I was going to go about 1,000 since I know my Iron block Mk-4 with Iron heads and AL intake comes in arround 800 pounds or so.

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    Thanks guys I did not want to ruin my truck bed.

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    Dave C
    I actually weighted my Merlin block with Alumimum heads, pan and intake manifold but nothing else...... 680 lbs. had to ship it!
    Those blowers are friggen heavy.

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