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Thread: Bill O'Reilly interview

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    This is for all you dog owners out here. On Tuesday Bill O will be doing an interview with Linda Blair (yes,of exorcist fame). Linda has an animal foundation that rescues and foster pets etc. and adoptions. She is going to be talking to Bill about Breed Specific Legislation. This is a group of laws that regulates your right NOT to own a dog based solely on the breed or "type" of dog. For instance, did you know Rottweiler's and Shar-pei's are banned in North Salt Lake City? This law mainly targets Pitt bulls, but Chows, Akita's, Doberman's, Wolf Hybrid's and German Sherpard's are all being regulated or banned. I don't know about you, but being the owner of a large breed dog I'm concerned and I certainly don't want to live in a frickin Pomeranian society :hammer2:

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    i think anyone should be able to own any animal they want. but if it ends up in my yard i should also have the right to kill it.

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    This sucks, due to the fact that so many dogs get put down thanks to the Fockin STUPID owners who treat their dogs like shit which gives the whole breed a bad rep.
    And people wonder why so many kids are messed up?
    I got the answer...

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    I own a Rott and a Shar Pei...and a Bull Terrier, guess I'm not movin to North Salt Lake City! This type of legislation is ridiculous, they should pass laws against stupid people who breed.
    We just picked up our Rott & Shar Pei from the kennel yesterday on the way home, after spending the last 8 days at Havasu. Directly accross from there dog runs were these two Argentino Dogo's, both aprox 130 to 150 pounds or so, that scared the crap outta me. I had never seen this breed before, and in talking to the the owner of the kennel, he tells me they are banned in England and other countries. Holy crap I could see why, these two dogs were very intimidating to even look at, and they were not nice! If I ever have a big illegal drug compound to guard, I already know what breed of dog to
    Just a week ago we left our two little tough guys off at the kennel, and after a week of being next to these Dogo's, they came back like scared beatin was pretty funny. They usually have a good time at this kennel, which we have used for years, they couldn't get out of there fast enough!
    Here is a picture of what this breed looks like, like the Cane Corso, a Mastiff related breed....http://www2.***

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    No worrys....O'Reilly will nail her...

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    Everyone who owns one of the above mentioned breeds should show up to the taping of the show. That should make her rethink her position.

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    When is the interview?

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    i think anyone should be able to own any animal they want. but if it ends up in my yard i should also have the right to kill it.
    Amen bro.

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    She's against the legislation. Sorry for not clarifying that. That's why she's going on the show. Interview is tommorrow at 5:00 mountain time.

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    I used to have a friend that had a couple of those dogs. They were really nice, friendly dogs, just looked kind of mean. Here's what I found when I googled:
    Damn, Those dogs are downright scary. Are they the same breed that killed that chick in SF a few years ago???
    Also the problem is not with most dogs. Its obviously with the owners. If you knowingly posses a dog that is aggresive to Human beings than you should suffer the consequences if it maims or kills someone. The laws need to be tougher towards the idiot owners of some of these breeds! If my daughter were killed by ANY dog you can betcha I'd kill the owners and there dog...period no questions asked!
    Unleashedclothing ( :crossx:

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