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Thread: spam: 21 schiada for sale

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    boater ray
    some might have seen it in the boat trader/los angeles area for 15,500.00
    financial difficulties force me to sell my baby. pls fwd to anyone that might
    be interested.
    1979 schiada 21'
    brown and tan
    260 merc. w/alpha
    stock cruiser. runs very good
    1979 competitive trailer
    will email pics of interested or call 310/629-4939
    boater ray

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    Can you e-mail some pictures please

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    boater ray
    i believe i've sent mevale and marty pics. correct me if im wrong guys

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    Got them Email sent. Thanks Ray

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    Nice looking boat....
    One question, why isn't the boat snugged up on the bow support???
    How firm are you on the price???

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    boater ray
    oh i dont know i guess i didnt load it forward enough last time out.
    im set on the price but you know how it is. it would be difficult to
    turn down a decent cash offer.

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    looks like my howard of the same vintage

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    If you want to sell it fast I would drop the price down to about $8,000. With a small block and an alpha out drive and all in "original" condition you would be lucky to get much more than $9k. Not trying to be a dick, just what I think its worth. Good luck.

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