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Thread: Remembering D Day

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    I saw this on another site ...and thought I would share it...
    Remember D-Day
    Well, the anniversary of D-day is coming up, and I got something for ya.
    My brother is in currently in Europe, touring around and getting laid like every young man should at some point in his life. As we are a military family, he felt compelled to travel to Normandy to see where it all went down. The attached photograph was taken from what was the German fortified position on Utah beach. The picture was taken at low tide. In the center of the photograph is a man who stands 6� tall. That man is standing half way down the beach. If my memory serves me correctly, the Allies hit the beach at low tide. Imagine the kinda balls it took to run up all that way under heavy fire? I would suspect that those balls are big, hairy, and made out of solid brass.

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    God bless our servicemen and women everywhere. Special thanks to those (and their families) who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can spend time doing this stuff.
    As for storming the beach, it took unbelievable courage to do so and many lost their lives trying. May those heroes rest in peace for eternity.
    If you know any veterans be sure to thank them whenever you see them. And if you know any WWII vets, be sure to talk to them - there aren't all that many left and they made the world a much better, freer place, thank God!

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    Raisin Wake
    I've had the good fortune of visiting Normandy and the surrounding area. It is experience that is hard to describe. Inspiring. The men that took those beaches that day in June, 1944, were the best the world had to offer. On this June 6, I pray for those that are still with us and for the souls of those that have left us. Thank you for your sacrafice and your commitment to freedom.

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