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Thread: What would you choose

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    So Im driving home from work today...and I look to the left and there is a Brand new black Mustang GT.....tinted windows.....awesome looking retro cruiser....Im thinkin to myself ...I like that .....maybe I should buy one......
    Get to the next light .....and Brand new black 350ZX pulls up next to me ....and The same thought runs through my head....Question is ....If you had to choose between the two....which would it be?

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    Angry Inch
    [Eddie Murphy]That's only cause ou can't afford it, cause your dad's an alcoholic and yous on wellfare[/Eddie Murphy]

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    check out the interiors on both and that will help you decide on the 350...

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    645ci BMW

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    Angry Inch
    645ci BMW
    Well Duh! :hammerhea
    Have you seen the M6? F'n sweet!

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    Hey angry reply to the cowboy bar thread!

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    Angry Inch
    <--- new avitar. Made it myself. :idea:

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