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Thread: Anyone running a hydraulic roller cam in a jet?

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    I am building my 540 and would like to use a hydraulic roller cam in my motor any one using one or are they all mechanical?
    Buying parts this week so input would be great!!

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    I'm running a straight flat hydraulic in a 454 and, since I am trying to keep my revs below 6,000 at only .565 lift, I didn't see the reason to spend 2x+ $$$$ to go roller hydraulic. I think you'll find quite a few though.
    My cam kit (including springs, retainers, polylocks, shims, cam, lifters, was only $400. Hyd/roller was about $950 for no real gain. My Taylor has to pull primary duty as a working lake boat towing skiiers/tubers which is why I didn't want to get so much lift as to destroy my idling ability below 1500RPM.

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    i use a clay smith hydr rlr. no trouble

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    flat broke
    I believe HBJet runs a Hyd roller setup in his deal.

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    I would think the majority of the guys here are running hydralic?
    Hustlers got a nasty one in his blown motor if i remember correctly.

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    Thanks for all the reply's from what I have heard if you go over 6000 rpm with a roller hydraulic cam it could cause some major problems in the valve train
    Just do not want to spend all this money on my motor and watch it destroy itself ya know
    I really want to run a roller hydraulic because of not having to set valve lash all the time!!
    What lift and max rpm are you guys seeing??
    My builder was thinking 650 and above on lift at least.

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    I have a Crane hyd. roller cam with a lift of 630/620. Run it up to 6000 rpm at WOT. No problems with it.

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    I have a I/O. With a hyd. roller 5900 to 6000 for miles at a time no problem.YET

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    680/680 lift and no problems. Hustler even has a bigger cam then me, but I'm not sure what RPM he's turning.

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    It's all got to be a balanced system wet77. 6,000 rpm is a LOT of revs to turn anyhow for extended periods and you need solid parts to do it reliably, both in the valvetrain and the lower end. IMHO the higher revs are much more suited to roller lifters (hydraulic or not) than to flat lifters. My hydraulics are Isky Superlifters, "guaranteed" not to pump up till over 7,000RPM. My 454 is NEVER gonna see 7-large unles I am airborne and asleep at the same time. Lotsa guys are running more lift than I am at .565 but I have to keep a lake-boat running good to pull skiiers/tubes as well as have good breathing muscle on top. The 454 is designed for 6,200 to 6,600 RPM for extended time like track racing, I have to assume the 540 being so much larger with heavier parts and a longer stroke is going to red-line that much lower. Possibly below 6,000RPM.
    I think your decision on roller or not is best determined by how much lift you plan to run and what your corresponding spring rates are going to be. At a certain pressure, the springs will be killing a flat tappet hydraulic cam. I bought my new cam in a kit with the lifters and springs, all from Iskendarian. Let somebody that knows more than me decide what is the best balanced setup for the performance I want. I just decided lift, duration, overlap, and style (with advice from DuaneHTP) blended with my budget.
    I suppose none of this long-winded soapbox speech was a help. sorry if it wasn't.

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