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Thread: Cottonwood Cove Last Weekend

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    We were lucky enough to hang out with the Pasadena Ski Club in Cottonwood Cove last weekend. Great club that has been around for many years :jawdrop: rumor is around 40 years :jawdrop:
    We also had the company of the Jetdriver family and great friends.
    We arrived Thursday evening and it was pretty windy, which stayed through Friday Morning. Lucky for us it stopped around 10 a.m. found a cove then took a run up past Willow Beach to the Hot Springs, which were pretty darn hot.
    We participated in the Dam run when it came through Saturday which was awesome first hearing all the boats come into Cottonwood Cove then seeing them. The run was very fun and the group was great. On the way back we found a cove and hung out and let the kids swim.
    Special Thanks to John and Johnna for letting us ride along with them

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    Taking break
    Little Rich and I hanging with our friend John (aka livinglarge27hallett)
    Little Rich telling stories to Ty :jawdrop:

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    Tyler enjoyng life, what a great kid
    I guess Shawn had an accident and borrowed his daughters shorts :supp:

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    Back at the Hotel we rented a peddle boat, they are fast
    Mrs.JBR and Me

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