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Thread: Frenchie finally has some competition

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    For the gayest pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course I resisted taking pics of the leopard skin top!

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    He was probably just outside the picture grabbing man ass and enjoying his shorts hiked up his ass.

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    Another example of black on white crime

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    Look at Jeff's smile. I think he liked it.

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    :sqeyes: may have to miss these parties :sqeyes:

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    Let me guess...was this Saturday night...? He was so F*cked up when he strolled in at 7am Sunday!

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    And :lightsabe :lightsabe :lightsabe :lightsabe he is serious ...........

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    Nooooooooooo! :cry:

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    Man on Man action in Beaumont. That doesn't surprise me. After all they already have fake lezzies and fake titties. I guess fake pole smokers was the next trend... At least I hope they are fake

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