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Thread: Barry grant 400 question

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    Hey guys does anyone know if these pumps need to be gravity fed or will they pull gas from a take by suction? I cant get my pump to build enough pressure and im running number ten line. thanks

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    BGs should be mounted below the tank and as close to the tank as possible. The push alot better than they pull. The #10 line is fine for a suction line.

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    I've had bad luck with BG pumps. They have always leaked and the seals go bad.

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    We need more details on your fuel system.I have dealt with barry grant pumps in a boat.They are are not all bad but we do not, as boaters, deal with the fuel line legths and pressure /flow requirements of a drag car.A BG 400 will fall off in pressure after time. Choose a mallory 140 gph marine or clay smith mechanical to fuel your your ride.If you run nitrous have dedicated pump and fuel supply.BG H.R. 220 Was a good pump.My favorite is the 140 mallory marine pump.

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