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Thread: Great editorial in St. George newspaper (Lake Powell)

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    It's nice to see a newspaper take a stand AGAINST the tree huggers.......
    Having low water levels at Lake Powell after six years of drought certainly has its drawbacks. However, there is a silver lining in the lack of clouds over the lake. The low water levels offer a chance to clean the place up before it gets covered in water again.
    Receding waters have revealed dozens of sunken boats and a collection of entities has come together to remove them before the lake rises again. Cross International Search and Recovery of has teamed with the National Park Service, Friends of Lake Powell, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area's Trash Tracker and True Grit volunteer programs for a project that may ultimately remove up to 100 boats and possibly an airplane from the area.
    The effort was made possible by a $52,000 grant from the Envirocare Environmental Foundation, which was created by Envirocare of Utah. Yes, thatEnvirocare, and yes, we see the irony in this situation. However, no matter the donor, the result is a good one for Lake Powell and those who use it.
    Now is the time to get this done, because the Lake's shoreline is expected to rise 45 feet by mid-summer.
    With Lake Powell's waters receding over the past six years of drought, sunken vessels are not all that has been revealed. Rock formations, canyons and other natural wonders have also come back into view after being submerged since 1963.
    Since the Glen Canyon Dam was built, there has been debate about whether the beautiful areas now above water should ever be covered again. There have been environmental groups that have called for Lake Powell to be drained or kept at its current level or lower. While the beauty of the currently exposed sights is undeniable, we nonetheless look forward to the rise of Lake Powell this summer.
    First, the lake is an important source of much needed water and power in a rapidly growing western America. The lake also provides recreation for more than 2 million people each year who bring $400 million in revenue to the local economy. For every environmentalist that journeys from around the world wanting to see the Cathedral in the Desert, there is a fisherman, rafter or boater who journeys from around the world to enjoy the unique splendor the lake has to offer. Who's to say that the aesthetic preferences of the first group should outweigh those of the latter groups?
    Environmental groups don't have a monopoly on recognizing beauty. Seeing the sunset on a full Lake Powell can be every bit as beautiful and inspiring as seeing a rock formation in an empty Lake Powell.
    Let Lake Powell fill and enjoy it for what it is.

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    F'in tree huggers. Always pissed off that someone's having a good time and they're not. Ban PWC's...Ban ATV's...Boating restrictions.....Regulations on cars. I swear those enviro-wackos asses are clenched so tight if they farted only a dog would hear it!!!

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