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Thread: Power subs?

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    Memorial weekend there was a guy at the small sandbar in a yellow Carrera 257 cat like Badblown572's. He was supposedly some sort of race car driver, my guess is Nascar cuz one of his crew had a sweet mullet.
    Anyhow, the boat had a sick sound system and 4 15" subs that said Power on them. The bass made my head hurt. Does anyone know anything about his setup or what subs he is running.
    He did have some custom carbon fiber air intake scoops $$$$$ for the supercharged engine and was running a 2kw Honda genny for the stereo.

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    Rockford Fosgate

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    Did the boat say Shaft on the back?

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    I think Adam has 6 15's in his Daytona, doesn't he?

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