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Thread: The ultimate DCB F-29 is FOR SALE!!!

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    Most everyone here knows the boat, but in case you don't here are the specs:
    2003 DCB F-29
    Cover of ***boat magazine
    Cover of Powerboat magazine
    Tested at 123 +/- MPH by both mags.
    625+ hp 580 cubic inch Larry Peto n/a motors-big torque, very reliable
    1000 HP Holley Carbs being re-worked by nickerson as we speak
    Sea Strainers
    GPS Speedo w/recall
    IMCO Extreme SC drives w/boxes and showers
    Bravo 1 32" props
    AM/FM/CD/XM capable stereo, 2 amps, subs, etc.
    Pewter hardware
    Full cover
    2 Custom matching Lifeline jackets
    Triple axle Extreme trailer with 6 new Goodyear tires
    etc., etc. etc.
    Phone book removed from seat :boxingguy :hammer2:
    Entire boat just buffed twice, foam glazed, and three coats of wax put on-looks better than new!

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    didn't you just get it?

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    so what are we now getting? inquiring minds want to know.......

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    Sorry about the bad photo link.
    I'll post a pic or two off my computer.
    I bought the boat just last June. I put about 20 hours on it.
    As for what is next, I have some ideas.

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    Is it just me, or does there seem to be an unusual amount of DCB's for sale lately? Not ragging on them, because the owners all seem just to be getting newer and bigger DCB's, but sure see a lot for sale.
    For some, I know it's 29 fever, because it's such a good boat, but what is going to happen when the 32 comes out?

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    so far everyone who has owned that boat has got there name on the list for a F32

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    It is you.
    Check around and see how many F-29's are for sale. That don't have eggbeaters on the back, that is.
    Can't get the damn pics to load. POS!
    Anyway, I'll search for some in a while.

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    so far everyone who has owned that boat has got there name on the list for a F32
    Not everyone. :smile:

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    32, 34, whatever it takes.

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    32, 34, whatever it takes.
    SO are you getting "oh la la" or the 34 back there with the 800's and #6's ?????
    is this your new baby?

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