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Thread: 3 weeks and counting

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    Im getting closer.... I can't wait!!!

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    Well we got the motor in the boat...again. Still need to set the heads on, then the intake, hook up the water lines, hang the headers....and keep my fingers crossed again!
    Ho yea, still waiting for new Comp. springs and Comp. lifters.
    But the pontoon boat rentals sound like a blast of an idea.

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    So Hammer you will have your boat ready in a few hours.

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    Got my engine back from the machine shop and finished putting it together last night. Nitro came over with some pics of the hydro he is buying, sweet. Too bad he won't have it for Anna. Anyway, my valve train geometry looked funny to me so I asked him about it. He took one look and said I was missing lash caps. Another disaster averted!! Whew! It's looking more and more like I can give up my spot on the pontoon boat.

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    bob thanks agian for the great dinner give me a call later and go over valve adjustment with ya ,oh ya when you pick up the lash caps see if they have longer screw in studs

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    Wet Dream
    Getting very excited. What can we expect as far as the water temps go? I'm keeping the water sports in mind here.

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    im sure if you buy the beer enough people will warm the water up for you LMAO

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    Hmmmm, kinky, just what kind of water sports are you talking about?

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    I got a wild hair and started sanding my trailer last night. Other than that I'm ready and looking forward to it.

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