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Thread: New Boat

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    Looking to Purchase a new boat have been looking at Kachina 18.5 custom seems to offer a very good boat for the price fully loaded $29.900.00 any info would be helpful thanks in advance

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    The decision to buy always depends on what you want out of the boat. I bought a brand new California Performance Gullwing (19') in 1998 for right around $20K, with a stock 454, tandem trailer, and all the "basics", but not many frills.

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    I don't know much about Kachinas, but there are many boat builders out there building loaded boats up to 21' for under 30K that are excellent boats for the buck. One suggestion I would make is to test drive whatever you are going to buy and get the warranty in writing. Also check around to find out how other owners feel about their boats. If you are looking at getting a new jet I would definately recommend only buying a boat equipped with a Marine Power/ Dominator package due to their excellent warranty and customer service.

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    Hey Ultra28, can you get an aggressor pump with the marine power setup intalled in your boats or just dominator?
    thanks in advance--chet

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    I did the original testing for aggressor back in 96. We didn't have the best luck with that particular set up. I understand that agressor has come a long way since then. We do use their parts for rebuilds quite often. We will install whatever you want in our boats. The one pump I will not install any longer is the Barracuda. We did most of the testing for them and had O.K. luck originally, but every one (about 30) we installed after the original pump, was pure junk. We have had to buy almost all of them back and replace them with Dominators. They would not refund us any money for the labor or pumps. Their diverter is also junk as is the american turbine diverter ( also bought back everyone sold without any assistance from A.T.). The only diverter to buy is a Place. That is why I have pushed both Place diverters and Dominator pumps so strong. They both stand behind thier product. I know that Dominator is owned by A.T., the same company that doesn't stand behind their diverter, but for some reason they do stand behind thier pumps.
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    Hey ultra28, Just curious towhat problems did you have with them? I have all aggressor internals in my boat the last 2yrs without a problem and am more than impressed.(That was '98 not '96 thought right http://free.***
    Have you tried out aggressor's diverter yet? I bought one of the first one's made but have yet to try it(winter in the north) It looks great and was cheaper than i could have bought a place for. Cant wait to try it!
    What do you get for that 20' tunnel jet (with pump,interior,without a motor) by the way??
    thanks again--chet

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    We had an aggressor diverter on the 96. From what I understood aggressor lost a lawsuit with Place and was ordered to buy back all of the old diverters that infringed on the Place patent, maybe I'm mistaken. I know that the diverter on that boat did not work well and was replaced with a Place. I have had very good luck with all of the rebuild parts from aggressor we have installed on other pumps in recent years. Maybe I should give them another try, but it is hard when the first time I used them they would not stand behind their product, it gets costly, not to mention embarrasing, when you have to buy back a pump and replace it with a new one. When customers have a problem with their pump or motor on their new boat, all they remember is they had a problem with their Ultra, which in turn gives us a bad name. Depends on what model you're interested in and if you would like it to include a rail kit, set back, low profile intake, inducer, are we installing the motor for you, etc., but your'e probably looking around $22,000.00.

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    Nelsonf, I'd talk more with Ultra28 if it were me. I don't know who he is, but he speaketh the truth and that is very admirable. Also, if your looken for a new Jet Boat, personally I'd strongly advise you to take a ride in a TUNNEL Jet! Ever gone for a magic carpet ride!
    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the information ultra28,that tunnel you make sure is a sharp ride..saving my pennies as we speak! http://free.*** Wasnt that diverter lawsuit with that Bushwacker outfit though?

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    Bushwacker was back in 94, he lost everything and actually deserved to, he had worked next door to place and was hired to do some of the tooling for them, then turned around and made a copy for himself to market. The aggressor deal was in 96-97, it might have been setteled before going to court, but I know that the original design had infringed on the Place patent. Like I said though, I don't know about the current situation with aggressor, they might have worked out their issues, I'm just tired of giving new companies a try, only to get stuck with a bad product that I am forced to eat the cost to replace when it doesn't work.

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