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Thread: katherines to HOOVER

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    Hey guys GREAT pictures from the dam run.....and before the dam run and of course after the dam run.... HAVE A COKE and a smile ..oh no wait?? :notam:
    i have a question:
    my friend and i were up at mohave in may for the get together and we tried to make the run from katherines landing to hoover dam.
    We were running fine past cottonwood then we get to willow and there is a big sign NO BOATS OVER 65hp... (tue-sat) or something like that WTF??
    How does one know when it is all the way open to make the trip???
    we are making our way back up there for the 4th.. this time w/the wifies and i want to try and make the trip again

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    Three Days Only
    Memorial Day to some time after Labor Day your good, after that the tree huggers put the smack down.

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    I thought the sign said no motor boats Sunday and MOnday?

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    I thought the sign said no motor boats Sunday and MOnday?
    I think you're right. The wording on it is a little confusing. We had to look at it twice. It's like "no boating restrictions on Tues. thru Sat. for boats w/motors over 65 hp..." or something like that. :idea: :mix:

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    It does read no motor boats Sunday and Monday beyond Willow Beach
    I did not see the sign, but there is restrictions certain times of the year all week. :yuk:

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    I think it's no power boats Sun & Mon. No boats over 65 hp Labor Day to Memorial Day.

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