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Thread: Havasu This past weekend!

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    What a great weekend at Havasu it was. The water was great, the temps were just breaking the 100's. What a true river weekend should be. Stayed at the springs, Got in way late and room was locked no keys, the security guys was snorring in the security office with TV blairing. Finally got the attention of the gal in the office. By now its 4:45. It was 5 by the time i hit the bed after driving brail the last 45 minutes. Up by 830 and out to the lake .
    Found a great spot out bye sand isle 2. The gals that went with me introduced me to a new drink, Parrot Bay and Monster wow want a Monster it does to ya. :hammer2: Hung out in the cove dragged the kids in the tube. Was there a poker run this weekend? Saw a lot of cats flying the lake with a helo chasing?
    Also saw a , what looked like a Magic Deck boat get some killer air near the water intake and almost stuck the nose. Orange and white with full length biminis. Hope no one was hurt or broke anything.
    Paradise still has the best Ribs on the river! Wanted to have Sushi but i heard Havasushi is no more?
    Found a translucent scorpion in the bathroom of hotel room at the springs, it was about 3am Sunday morning, i got up and went down to the boat to check it out at the slip. I came back and the kids and the girls were in the bed, my bed lol saying i missed all the commotion. My friends little boy was going to the bathroom and screamed "Creature" mind you he is 3 going on 4 and here is this scorpion about the size of a silver dollar with its ass in the air and stinger twitching. mind you it didnt live for long, but i was like im sleeping in my truck now lol. Dont like small creatures that can make you sick or kill you in my room!
    Sunday, went to Metro for breakfast in the channel. Was a nice day was there till noon and went back to the cove. Got :hammer2: on Monster and Parrot Bay. Just hung out in the cove till the adult beverage wore off and then stayed out on the lake till after 7 on sunday. Man it was great, of coarse was dragging my ass all day monday lol
    Well heres some pics of the weekend. Enjoy!http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.***
    http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.***[IMG]

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    That Guy
    Nice pics....looks like you had fun....

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    on a good weekend.How did the guy in the magic get so much air?,,Was it windy?

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    Big ass rollers! From the big boats that were out there i would assume? I mean they beat me up when im going alongThere was a little wind on Sunday but saturday was good!

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    Sounds like a fun, family day.
    Maybe we'll see you on the water next time.
    (great story by the way!)

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    Thats what it's all about right there!

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    Nice family weekend, wish I was there.

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    Sane Asylum
    Great Pics.......Looks like my kinda weekend......Not sure about the Parrot Bay and Monster though.......That's a new one....

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    Bonzai fry, I think I saw you at the Springs, Where you in the docks on the ramp side? I was in a orange and white Howard cruzer.Any way the weather was great. We got there on Fri. Boy was it choppy that day. We were also on the water when a group of big boats went blasting by with chopper flying right above them.Those guys were flying! We where there for 7 days!!! It was amazing how few boats are on the water during the week.Next time I see your boat I'll stop and say hi.

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    that's what it's all about right there...........

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