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    Last weekend when I was at the plastics store buying more resin and glass for my project, I thought of something that I would like to run by you all for your thoughts or input.
    What about plastic? I'm in the process of replacing my transom, stringers and floor. I buy all of my fiberglass materials at S&W plastics. I was just thinking, instead of wood on the transom, why not plastic with the same thickness? No more rot, if I glass both sides, it would be just as rigid if not more. Also, was thinking of the floor as well. Again, no more rot. Won't need to go as thick on the floor, but none the less, glass both sides, before I cut to fit. They have all sizes of plastic sheets of various rigidity. Some were very pourus, but thick enough to replace my floor which had 3/4" Marine plywd before. Even glassed on both sides, it would be less weight and plenty strong. Staying with kiln dried oak for the stringers. Don't want to get experimental with what holds my engine in place. http://free.***
    Old Rigger, thoughts?

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    Blythe was perfect last weekend. Going again this weekend. On the plastic. I would be worried about how it would handle the heat. I have noticed plastic to get brittle after lots of sun and heat.

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    Originally posted by HARDIN18:
    Blythe was perfect last weekend. Going again this weekend.
    Oh rub it in. =(

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    Just tryin to get you motivated.

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    You are.

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    There were a few posts on this a while back. The stuff you may want to look at is Kelron or Starboard. It comes in diff thicknesses and grades just for this.

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    There's another one called Daytona Board that's a plastic wood replacement made specifically for boats and for the things you're talking about. I saw a whole show about it on "Ship Shape TV" (
    The show included a tour of the factory that was in daytona fl if I remember right. They impregnate the wood with plastic and basically make a plastic partical board that's total water resistant, lighter, stronger and won't warp or have the other rot problems associated with wood. I think on the show they made a swim step with it.
    You can order the past episodes on the website. They have one on stringer replacement and another on transom replacement. I've seen them both. The transom one is very good. The stringer one they simply remove the old stringers and go to one of those prefab composite stringer companies and have some made for the boat. Still interesting, but not for your project.
    RTJas http://free.***

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