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Thread: 1982 Eliminator Price

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    I live in Northern CA and am looking into purchasing a 1982 Eliiminator Daycruiser. It has a smallblock 350 built and Blueprinter. Aluminum heas, silent choice exhaust, MSD everything, dyno'd twice at 415 hp. Very clean boat, borderline immaculate, 7 color gel, newer interior, clean painted and pinstriped trailer. They guy is asking $23,000 for it, claims he has $18,000 in the motor, and I believe the guy (I know some upstanding people we have in common so I feel I cna trust him), but does this sem reasonable to anyone. I am in love with the boat, and can afford it, but is this a fair price. I am a bit out of the price loop, but the engine was built by the primo shop in the area, took over a year. Any thoughts??

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    just my .02 but it sounds a little high to me for a boat with a small block, but a Eliminator owner will jump in soon and tell you different. you never can recoupe your costs on a project or get what you put into them. Then again its worth what ever somone is willing to pay for it.

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    $23,000 lets see some pictures and engine spec's to better help you :jawdrop:

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    Havasu Hangin'
    My last 450HP small block cost me $9K to build...and that included full chrome and polish with steel braided lines and fittings.
    I think Phaff wants $12K for a 500HP $18K might be a bit high for the motor.

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    The boat is overpriced! If the boat is absolutely immaculate, perhaps $15K. If it is in "just" good condition it is a $10K boat. Do a search on and it will tell you the same.
    The problem is the guy is trying to recoup what he has invested in it........that is always a losing proposition especially if shops are doing the work on it and not the owner.
    Good Luck.

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    now if it was a v drive

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    THese guys were just being Polite.
    Search for up to $23K on in your area and see what your money will buy.
    He is way over priced in my opinion, and it's a small block w 415 hp??? That's nothin. What a Joke, $18k in the motor?? LIES!!
    My Corvette Racecar motor is a 415 ci Small block w 550 dynoed HP and 550 Tq and only cost me $9k to build. if it was an aluminum block it would have only been $12K, but I'll sell it for $18k anyday you want, delivered.
    (How fast does this boat go?)
    (I'm selling an 1986 20' that does 70+ for $8250, you can fall inlove with that price and it's prettier then 90% of the (small) boats on here)
    OK, Good Luck,

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    My uncle builds motors and just finished building a 598ci ford with cast heads that dynoed at 772hp. Cost him $5500 to build. Aluminum heads for this motor would net about another 120hp and still be way under the price of that small block. Big shop name = big $$$$ to build a motor. It doesn't matter how good a friend he is or who knows him, he will never recoop that money selling the boat.

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