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Thread: wet floor

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    ole war horse
    On my 21 Wriedt I tore out the floor and all
    the flotation was wet so I also tore it all
    out and the wood stringers are ok, but what
    will be good to put back in it's place for the flotation. There was a lot weight there
    with all that wet stuff.

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    put new foam back in its place its comes as a 2 part liquid and you puor it in and it starts to foam up and fill the area im not to far from you so i can help you with the projest

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    greg shoemaker
    My suggestion is don't even bother to redo the foam this was a mfgs way to keep the boat a float in case of sinking thats like throwing an inner tube to an elephant. Replace the floor board and concentrate on where the water came from. Greg

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    spectras only
    Greg is right,I had foam injected before,and no matter what it would retain water ,thus creating more weight.Have some inspection holes istalled in the floor and remove them while storing the boat to air it out.Make sure you have drain holes in the bulkheads/crossframes under the floor and use a drainplug between the engine bilge and the rest of the hull.Condensation will find it's way under the floor making your boat heavier.If you have a large area up in the bow ,you can fill that area with foam to stop your boat sinking immediately if a mishap occured.Seal at the poprivets and navigation light fixtures ,that way the trapped air will help to keep your boat visible till help arrives http://free.***

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