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Thread: Some intresting Facts and Ideas

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    After the post yesterday about GM and their business practices and someone getting all pissed at me for saying that Jap cars are shit box's, I started thinking about all the history involved in some of what my grandfather has told me about his experiances in WW2 and what i've read and seen on the history channel. It's both intresting and sad how we've been a sleep at the wheel just like at Pearl Harbor. My grandfather used to shoot down Mitsubishi Zero's and bombers and Kawasaki Dragon Slayers with suiside kamakaisi piliots aimed at our grandfathers of today but war heros of yesterday.
    Now days we ride kawasaki dirtbikes and watch our big screen Mitsubishi TV's.
    Back then (WW2) the Prime minister of Japan was Kantaro Suzuki..and Masaki Honda was a Lieutenant in the Jap army......
    We drive our hondas (intresting how honda now has a mini SUV called the Piliot) and we drive our suzuki cars and dirt bikes.
    I guess growing up close to my grandfather who fought bravely in WW2, i've gained a sence of american pride that to some people don't have or understand. I do try to buy as much american products as I can find and would recomend everyone to do the same. If our american icon companys keep up this their out sourcing and cuts we americans must stand up and demand better or be prepared to be taken over. It's intresting how Osamas terrorists used the same tactic to blow down the WTC as the Japs used to take down our pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor almost 60 years later. Have we forgot all about this? I feel that the more this World Economy takes a foot hold in our country our quality of life and place as #1 will decline. That's why i'll always try to do my part and buy american.
    So here's something to think about................
    Will we some day see the Osama bin ladin mini SUV? Or the Hussain Big screen TV. Or how about the Al Ziquari chainsaw and 4 wheeler?
    Rant Over.

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    On an unrelated note, you also might consider changing your screen name and avatar seeing how there is a dog molester among us.

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    On an unrelated note, you also might consider changing your screen name and avatar seeing how there is a dog molester among us.
    She likes Peanut Butter.... :devil:

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    She likes Peanut Butter.... :devil:
    Oh, it's a she? I think you're alright then because he seems to prefer male dogs.

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    On an unrelated note, you also might consider changing your screen name and avatar seeing how there is a dog molester among us.
    Yah, he could change it to Cdog...RUN!!!!

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    I consider myself about as redneck as one can be, without the doublewide.
    so, with that in mind, I have never purchased a (new) JAP car myself. I sort
    of have a stigma about that... I have bought used, but then it was already
    here, so why not........ double-standard-? I dunno........
    I try to buy american whenever possible...... The one thing that does stand
    out though, and like I compared in the other post, is american cars simply
    are not as reliable as jap cars......... even european cars aren't as good.

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    99 232 baja
    very well put!!! WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE WAKE UP? Probably not until they are eating their cars. You know CDOG that I am an AMERICAN AUTOWORKER ,I too try to buy AMERICAN when possible. Do these people think that the money they spend on these FOREIGN cars gets put back into their communities? Going back in history,after WWII we rebuilt Japan with new factories,while We had old and outdated factories. In some ways we shot our selves in the foot for that.

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    Last I looked we were in a world economy. Doesn't Ford own some "Euro & Asian brands" (Saab, Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo etc), aren't some Ford parts made outside of the US, or some of their cars assembled outside of the US?
    Aren't some of these asian and German companies opening up factories in the US while our "US" companies are closing down factories.
    Where do you draw the line on what is and isn't an American product?

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    Remember when Walmart proudly displayed the "Made in America" label in their ads, and only bought offshore if there was no domestic alternative? Wall Street pressure killed that idealism........

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    You could always pick up a weapon and defend your country in it's military, that's what a lot of us did.
    I'd rather inspire people......Besides I see what the military did to you. J/K

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