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Thread: Can Mastercraft be a hot boat ?

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    If I slap on a couple flames and pimp it up a little bit. Would it consider a Hot Boat ? Cause my wife wants a Mastercraft with 350 horse and I want a Schiada with 900 horse. I think she is winning the war. :cry:

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    I've looked at a couple v-drive wake boats, and except for the stupid ass towers, they look alright to me.
    Of course a Schiada anything is infinetly cooler than a Mastercraft, but what ever gets you on the water....

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    The only solution is to compromise. Get an Ultra with 425 horse and save yourself about five grand in the process.

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    Damn it Sleek-jet, that is a reason why my wife wants a Mastercraft. The freaking tower some how caught her attendtion. We can't even park on our lift because the tower would be too tall for the lift canopy. So, my wife came up with a bright idea by taking off the lifts canopy.

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    Lavey 21 XTSki w/ a 496 HO Best of both worlds. Rear facing seats, front facing seats....big wake, 70 mph....
    They have a tower supplier that makes them custom for that hull.

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    Your on the water

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    Get a performance boat, slap on a couple of big Mastercrap stickers and bolt up a rollbar errr wakeboard tower and your wife'll have what she wants and so will you

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    Lake Ape
    I just bought a 2004 MB Sports 190 Plus that originally had a 275 horse 305 chevy in it. The previous owner forgot to put a new filter on after an oil change and blew it up. PCM wouldn't cover it so he sold it for what he owed, $12K. I am putting a Fast Burn 400 SBC (400HP) into it this weekend with an AZ Speed and Marine fuel system! It's sort of a ***boat....I guess..

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    Tunnel Vision
    No! not only that, Hell No!

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