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    Tom Brown
    The katana would not have lost had it been wielded by a competent Jedi.

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    A few facts ...........
    The .50 BMG round,
    Projectile weight aprox 700 grains (depending on exactly which slug), that is 1 tenth of a pound.
    Muzzle velocity aprox 2,900 feet per seccond, comon rifle round speed.
    Combine the two for Muzzle Energy : 12,000 foot-pounds
    (my .308 deer rifle manages about 3,000 depending on loading)
    The NON-armor piercing round will penatrate through 1 inch of cold-rolled steel at fairly short ranges (within 1/4 mile) with a square on hit.
    9mm luger is about 250 foot pounds
    I'd have to look at my loading data sources for more accurate data but I don't feel like going downstairs after it. :redface:

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    So does this mean if I take a sword to a machine gun fight and the guy only has 6 rounds I'm good to go?

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    i always like this clip.
    why Palestinians throw rocks (

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    i always like this clip.
    why Palestinians throw rocks (
    :hammerhea What an idiot!! Damn that was funny

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    i always like this clip.
    why Palestinians throw rocks (
    That was probably the funniest thing i've ever seen. That was awesome!!

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