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    What's the status?
    We've booked our trip for July, staying in the RV's at Overton's. I was wondering if any of you have some recent pics of the northern arm? Overton's Beach? Etc. Etc.
    I know there is plenty of water left to have fun... :smile:
    Just curious how bad the weeds are up there, and how far the campsites really are from he water now!?!? :cry:

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    Was up there last weekend but only got up to Echo....Water level is better than last year for sure. Launched out of Hemingway and had no problems. Last year Hemingway was out of the question for bigger boats.

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    Big thanks to Outnumbered for his info posted here:
    Lake looks good......Low, but better than last season. PRAY FOR RAIN next year!!! :squiggle:

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    Overton is rough since the water is low. Not many beaches up that way anymore. You'll need to go south toward 'mid point' to find some good ones. Be VERY careful at the Overton launch ramp as it isnt all that deep.

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    If coming from the North, Calville or Echo are better ramps, Echo will less crowded.

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