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Thread: "Best" tow rig?????

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    I've been reading the posts on the boards, and perhaps more importantly, watching the action on the launching ramps. Our 160,000 mile Grand Cherokee Limited is nearing the end of its useful life. While it can still drag the boat to the lake and back, we are thinking it needs replacement. The replacement must not only be able to tow the boat, but also my CJ-5 on its trailer (a 6,700 pound load) AND, it must be towable behind our motorhome. I hate the daytime running lights, so a Chevy is out. Since this is replacing our main passenger car, it has to have a full size back seat. The GC has been a great boat tow rig, never slipped on the ramp with its full-time 4x4.
    This brings us to a 4x4 with lots of power and a selectable transfer case with a neutral position. My first three candidates were the Dodge Cummins Quadcab 4x4, the Super Duty F-250 6.0 Powerstroke Supercab, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Hemi. While visitng my local Ford store, they suggested the F-150 Supercab 4x4 with the 5.4 Triton. My brother-in-law had an Excursion of unknown capability that wouldn't pull his boat, but I don't talk to him much so don't know why.
    The Grand Cherokee is a known quantity to me, it works well in a 96 model, with the improved power of the 05 model it should be great for this purpose.
    So, does anyone have an F-150 that they tow their boat with? How does it work? Can you crest the hills on the 58/40/15/10 at speed, or are you holding up traffic? Does the 4 wheel drive work well when leaving the ramp? This truck has 20's, how do they work? Do they or the truck overheat crossing the dez?
    How about the Dodge? Any complaints? I may be able to get a lease return 2005 Cummins 4x4 with manual transfer case for less than the F-150 or GC.
    How about the F-250 6.0 Powerstorke? They seem to sell fast, the lot only had a couple, and one was over 50 grand.
    So, the question restated - what are people using, and what are they happy with, among the Grand Cherokee Hemi, F-150 5.4, F-250 6.0 Powerstroke, and the Dodge Cummins?

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    Don't dismiss the Chevy yet.
    You can always pull the fuse for the DRL's or splice in new bulb sockets that make use of the DRL's place as an extension of the turn signal / parking lights.

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    That's funny, the Chevy is out due to daytime running lights.
    Boy, that's a real valid reason to dismiss a choice.
    That's like saying the Ford is out, because it is a four letter word.

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    I have a brand new F250 4X4 Diesel and I couldnt be happier with the performace and ride.. I use to have HD2500 and I dont have anything bad to say about chevys either.

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    I had a quad cab Cummins 4x4 for about a year and then replaced with a 2004 Hemi Durango 4x4 after the Cummins was in a bad accident. The Hemi Durango is a great tow vehicle and I can honestly say that I like it 90% of the time more than the truck. Its so much more comfortable, rides so much better, and easy to drive. Since its my wifes car there is no question that its a great kid hauler etc. Its rated to tow over 7,000 lbs. I just took our 24' Ultra from Phoenix to Flag to Powell and back. It averaged 10.8 MPG. Its gets a solid 15 mpg city and 17 hwy. The Flag summit is 7,200 ft. The boat was loaded heavy with camping gear, food, etc. The boat/trailer empty weigh about 5,000#. I would guess we were towing over 6,000# plus the people and stuff in the truck. It pulled the grade from Phoenix to Flag at 70-75, no problem. We were passing many a Chevy and Ford on the way up. The Hemi is strong but likes to rev, so its totally different than the Diesel. It makes 340 HP and I think 400# torque but its up near 5,000 RPM. The power to weight ratio in this truck is impressive. I would say if your boat weighs more than 6,500 # loaded I would get the Diesel. Otherwise its overkill.

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    Hands down this is it.
    Great mileage, Easy to park and gets plenty of attention form the ladies.

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    this is the BESTtow rig we have owned.

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    traded our excursion for a 05 F250 6.0 powerstoke,4x4 crew cab long bed,we love it,gas milage is great,ride is good,its plenty fast.Havent used 4wd yet,I just think with the long bed the 2wd looks stupid.I pulled out 37 ft fifth wheel no problem,so Im sure any boat would be easy........GM is cutting prices,may be a good option also,just get the duramax if you go GM

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    I Have A 03 Dodge 1500 Witht He Hemi And Tows Great. Up Hills You Can Still Accelerate. Would Like A Diesal But Cant Afford It Yet.

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    Speedin' Ian
    My brother has an 04 F-150 Supercrew with the 5.4 and it tows great, I believe it is rated to tow 9000lbs. I have a 25' Commander and his truck tows it great

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